3D - Bear Metal

Art. No. i23265

This is a metal zipper with 3D fully polished elements. The element shape and engraved logo can be designated for your own design in all kinds of metal finishes. The unique 3D-Bear element shape gives your garments a distinctive look.
The 3D zipper is patented and no other zipper suppliers can produce this type of zipper.
We got 2016 Winner of the prestigious Reddot Award for this 3D zipper- Bear Zipper.

Available Size

available on No.10 Close End. For other sizes please kindly contact us.


Hand Bag / Accessory / Dress, Skirts


Patent Worldwide

China patent filing number 201520917237.6 (in application)

OBO is the exclusive manufacturer and seller of this product protected by patent. Anyone who manufactures, sells, imports or exports products of this type in countries where the patents are valid is in danger of infringing a patent.

Care Instruction / Remarks

- 3D Bear zipper is creatively cast, providing unique chain shape.

- Recommended for children’s product.

- Strength performance is higher than standard metal zipper.

- Durable enough to repeated laundering, dry cleaning and salt corrosion.


Quality Characteristics

- ASTMD 2061, BS3084, JIS S3015, GB QB/T2171-2014, Oekotex


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