DIY Zipper

Art. No. i23380
We take pride in designing and developing unconventional zipper ideas. Our 3D DIY zipper can be produced in different shapes and designs in many metal finishes. The zipper teeth shape can be made into the customer’s logo or any shape that matches with their image or theme for the season.
The 3D DIY zipper is patented and other zipper suppliers cannot reproduce this type of zipper.

Available Size

available on No.15 C/E. For others size please kindly contact us

Element Color

  • 01 Lt Gold
  • 02 Mid Gold
  • 07 Shiny Gold


Hand Bag / Accessory 

Patent Worldwide

China patent filing number 201520917237.6 (in application)


OBO is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of this product protected by patent. Anyone who manufactures, sells, imports or exports products of this type in countries where the patents are valid is in subject to legal ramifications.


Care Instruction / Remarks

- Durable to home laundering and dry clean.

- Zipper must be closed during washing.


Quality Characteristics

- ASTMD 2061, BS3084, JIS S3015, GB QB/T2171-2014, Oekotex


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